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My company, Rachel's Basic Bites, is a small startup in the Kent county area of Rhode Island. I provide handcrafted granola bars, made with high quality organic ingredients.

Homemade Summertime Salsa



Growing up in New England every season has it’s own unique beautiful aura to them. What i love about summertime is the warmth of the sun that surrounds us, the picturesque sunrises and sunsets, to the abundance of flora, local berry season picking, lively outdoor entertainment, and the fresh and tasty summer produce that’s available. Nothing beats fresh and homemade.




The recipe i have for you is super simple to create in your own home, super tasty, good for you and you just need a handful of ingredients. A recipe with not much fuss, some light chopping, bowl mixing and then let the ingredients do the rest of the work for you. What i LOVE about salsa is that it is so versatile in flavors, ingredients and utilization. Not only is this tasty with tortillas but it’s wonderful to complement with burgers, taco, fajitas, any egg dish, lettuce wrap style or burrito bowl meal. It is so darn good, in fact, that i don’t know why i have not made it sooner. Love it’s vibrancy, simplistic nature and complex flavors. This recipe is a great base for something fresh and simple, but once you get the hang of it you may customize to your liking. Your own signature style. The possibilities are endless.




May ask if you are pico de gallo or salsa purist, or do you tend to mix things up a bit like myself?! Do tell. curious foodies would love to know. Now do you like your salsa with just fruit or a mix of veggies and fruit?




Besides the colorful rainbow of veggies, legumes and a hint of fruit. Yes, tomatoes are considered a fruit due to it’s seeds. Instead of the usual route of liquid component i utilized apple cidar vinegar. If you go with A.C.V I highly recommend you go with Bragg’s unfiltered style due to brand and quality.




Fermented drinks are not only only beneficial for your gut and digestion but helps to boost immunity, healthy weight and so many other health benefits in which i listed below.






Balances PH levels

Relieves heartburn, nausea and acid reflux

Relieves asthma and allergies

Lowers glucose levels in diabetes

Migraine reliever

Soothes bug bites and jellyfish stings

Lowers blood pressure

Reduces acne

Gets rid of warts and fungi

Conditions and strengthens hair

Reduces inflammation

Reduces cholesterol levels in the body





If you never used A.C.V i highly suggest it. It’s versatile and as mentioned highly beneficial for well-being. I normally make homemade pickles on a weekly basis and love the taste of it than the normal vinegar style.  As a beverage, i add it to my glass of filtered water with cucumbers and slices of lime or lemon to the mix. It is very alkalizing and gives it a zing.




The good qualities of apple cidar vinegar have been known for thousands of years. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, used it as an antibiotic and antiseptic in 400 BC. In biblical times, it was used as a healing agent as well as mentioned in the bible. In Paris, the middle ages, it was sold from barrels by the street vendors as a deodorant and a health drink. Apple cidar was also found to treat wounds during World War 1 and vinegar is now officially recognized in Japan as a functional food because it is said to stimulate bifidus bacteria in the bowel which promotes wellness.




Consider A.C.V instead, not only a flavoring, pickling or marinade, but as a tonic. I hope this inspires you to incorporate this powerful food staple into your daily clean eating diet. So shall we scroll down to the recipe.











Handful cilantro, chopped

1/2 white or yellow onion

2 cloves fresh garlic, minced

1 red bell pepper or green, chopped and seeded

1 can organic black beans

1 corn on the cob, or frozen style

1 jalapano, chopped (optional)

2 cups tomatoes, either vine or cherry style, diced

dash, sea salt

dash, black pepper

3-4 tbsp Bragg’s Apple Cidar Vinegar, unfiltered




In a medium mixing bowl add in all the prepared ingredients and mix well to combine. Let the flavors marry in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before serving. That is pretty much it. You may place in a decorative bowl and enjoy.









NUTRITIONAL CONTENT: calories per serving 265; total fat 1.5g;sodium 29mg; dietary fiber 11g; sugars 7g; protein 15g; calcium 7%; iron 24% and potassium 27%.